Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend recap -- Part 2 (Sunday ride)

I always forget the beauty of sunsets while riding. I waited today to ride after 6pm. It was crowded with walkers, runners and family bikes. Everyone having fun and wrapping up the weekend.

I kept a brisk pace of 17-18 and knocked down 27 miles quickly. The sunset was awesome! I really wanted to ride up on the BDB and lean on the rail and watch.

Legs felt good.

Plan for the week is to get a good ride in Tuesday. An easy ride one other evening and another long distance on Saturday. I think I add another hour this week which would be 10 hours of riding. But hey I'll be plugged in and can hear so I'll ride to who knows where!

I get to plug in tomorrow a little after 1pm and it's like waiting on Santa. Actually it's more like having the present you always wanted under the tree and you've started to lift the corner of the wrapping paper but then didn't. that's exactly what I did today! I started to lift the wrapping paper. I am so excited that this morning I got out my hearing aid and put it in the nice case and brought it to work. About mid morning I look over and there it is sitting on the corner of my desk. I simply couldn't stand it any longer and I opened the case, put a battery in and put it up to my ear. I needed to push it on in and as I was doing it, something just didn't feel right and I stopped and closed everything back up. It will be fine I told myself. it's just the odd feeling of not having worn a hearing aid in weeks. OK, I'm under 24 hours to being a hearing person again. You have NO idea how exciting this is...

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Wes said...

Nice weekend, Geo! 24 hours huh? That is fantastic! We can feel your excitement, bro! Let us know how you make out...