Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Missing my homeys!

Man, I'm really missing the love of my biker buds these days! Rushed to get home and still didn't make it out there for the ride. I did notice that at 6:15 is was starting to get dark. That's only 15 minutes into the ride. Oh the fun thoughts of me trying to get back to my car and riding along the river trail in the dark with only a three quarter moon as light. I would sing at the top of my lungs to spook the deer out of the way. Surprised they never got ticked about it and mug me and beat the snot out of me to make me shut up! Trust me, hearing impaired folks don't sing the best... sort of like that kid on Little Rascals. Yep, that bad. But then come to think of it, I don't think we (the hearing impaired nation) are as bad as some of the folks on American Idol.

Emily got back from DC last night. We picked her up at the airport and got home around 11. No one wanted to get up this morning. She had a great time and had loaded her photos by the time we got home today. I think I might have to got to DC some day. Cool stuff. I was strange saying her shooting a gun at the FBI training center.

You know how I live for the weekends and certain things signal the weekend is approaching? Yes, I took the trash to the curb tonight. That means tomorrow is Wednesday and that's the halfway point and when the tornado tester sirens go off at noon tomorrow it's all downhill from there baby! At least that's what I like to think!

By the way, a couple of friends of mine have announced they are expecting! I'm happy as a loon for them. They have one little girl. Both of the parents are a hoot to be around and I'll tell you more later. Not sure how public it is just yet.

Happy Halloween folks! Y'all go buy good candy if you haven't already. Don't bu that cheap crap... Oh, I got to see some of Charlie Brown tonight. Haven't seen it in a few years. I as really laughing! Poor Charlie Brown... do you realize he has been getting those same rocks in his trick or treat bag since 1966??!!!!

Geo out....

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