Monday, August 18, 2008

Protecting Dad

Em: "Dad, I was in an accident but it wasn't my fault!"

Me: You ok?

E; Yea, it was in a parking lot.

M: Ok then we'll talk about it when i get home.

This was the phone call I got when I stopped at my parents house on the way home from Dallas.

Now... here's the what I perceived as a parking lot dent....

Ohhhh the Black Pearl!!! Yes, the passenger window was blown out and the back seat is even bent up. Em had glass all over her and is sore but will be ok. She is just heartbroken. We called the insurance and no rental car until they decide to except the liability. Will probably be a couple days. She will be driving my Explorer and I'll be driving the Yugo or whatever rental car we luck into.

The truck that hit her? Hardly a scratch. Em did say she was nice to the girl because she had been in the same situation, but thank goodness not anywhere nearly as bad, just a few weeks ago.

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