Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Layered Dip

Oh man it was a chilly ride after work. I hit the neighborhood streets for some lovely hill training. Just love those hills some days... just love them I tell you! HA! Ok, if you have not gotten out to ride in the cold yet then don't forget that chap stick! I needed it tonight. Also this is a gel called Stinger and it's a honey based gel and it's awesome for that dried out winter throat. Of course I had neither of those and my blinky light was dead. Oh yeah, I was prepared for this ride!

I had to dress in layers for the first time since last spring. It felt like that little kid on the Christmas Story so bungled up if I fell over I wouldn't be able to get back up. You know the little brother who will only eat when his mom says where's my little piggy and the kid gobbles his food up. Great Movie! I was a layered "dip".

I can tell the LR Marathon training has begun. My neighbors are all running. Seems when fall comes the runners all start there training for the LR Marathon in March. Before long you will see them late in the evening are very very early in the morning. Pals Chris and Rebecca ran a sub-2 hour half marathon last weekend in Conway!! They are so elite now they will probably have their on line of triathlon clothes and bikes before long. Some way with blogger pal Wes. Man these folks have shot straight to the top and it has been a blast trying to keep up with their stories of training. Then there is Dwonn, Mariann, and Jo... gee whizzz.

I did get my schedule for training for next May's 24 hour ride. It's a 6 day a week plan that actually kicks off THIS Saturday with a 50-70 mile ride and Sunday has a 30-50 miler. Not bad really. I'll do the low end this week but have to add 5% more each week. Tuesday and Thursday have me on the bike for 2 hours. It's a moderate pace on the trainer but if I get to ride outside in the cold I ride for 1 hour. I'm hoping to find a big parking lot where I can ride nights. 2 hours on the trainer 2x a week would make me insane by the end of the winter. Yoga is even in the mix at the first of the year. March will find me doing some intense stuff that I've never pushed to. April is INSANE crazy then it tapers. I had an awesome discussion able all of this with my coach. He made sure... and I mean positive sure that I was really to rock. He asked questions about my family, my emotional and mental health. Made sure my family was behind me... they are... I asked already.

Life is good... even when it's cold outside.


Wes said...

I am a chicken, Geo! No more riding outside for me for a while. And what's with this 24 hour ride thingee? That's just crazy talk...

Iron Maiden said...

Geo, I absolutely adore you! Thanks for the compliment. It's been a long, hard, crazy, winding road to get here. Alas, here we are and hopefully there will be more to come (like maybe even a clothing line)!