Saturday, November 05, 2005

Roll through 5,000 miles

"What are you going to do as you roll over your 5,000 mile mark?" Mike asked.
"Ummm, I guess keep riding" I laughed.
And I did. I can tell you right where I hit my 5,000 mile mark on the bike. It wasn't exactly on a beautiful street with the colorful fall leaves but it was in a good place. I was in the neighborhood where my wife lived for a while when she was growing up. Rose City. Sort of cool name for a place to hit a goal uh? When you perform well or win a race they give you roses and I got a whole city of roses! Can't beat that friends! I started the ride this morning with 3 good buds. John Van Pay (JVP), Mike Mitchell and Paul Britt. I rode with these guys when they did the cross state fund raiser. It was great to see the guys again. I made sure I pulled the group as much as possible today and we had our sure of wind. I still have a bad "thing" about not pulling all that much when they did the cross state. It's not something I think they even remember but it was a weak riding moment for me. Anyway, great friends and another goal reached. I'm pushing it now for 6,000. That means about 100 miles a week. That equals a couple of 15's on the river after work (yup, with lights and dodging deer), a 40 or so on Saturday mornings and a 30 on Sunday. That's doable as long as the weather doesn't rain me out then it will be spin classes.

I do have to say that I certainly didn't reach this goal on my own. I have an incredible support system. I have a wife, son and daughter that encourage me. I have a zanny family that support me and cheer me on. I have my circle of friends, actually several circles. I have a trainer that tries to kill me in spin classes. I have cyber buds at And it took everyone to get me to my goal. So if you're reading this, serious, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

I might have a part time job working a few hours a week at our hospital fitness center. Not sure yet though. There was a glitch in the process so we'll have to wait and see next week. I would just be working the front welcome desk but I would be there to stay in shape throughout the winter months and Terri and Emily can come over since they are members already. Family workouts. Sounds cool!

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