Sunday, November 20, 2005

Scenes from an afternoon ride

First off, Tyler is graduating! He's just been super busy finishing up everything and working. It didn't help that he got his phone turned off but everything is fine.

Ok, scenes from an afternoon ride:
No where else in Arkansas can you find a more diverse grouping than that of the river path on a Sunday afternoon. The are all sorts of walkers. There a runners. There are roller bladers. There are skateboard folks hanging at the skatepark. There is a midevil battal being played out in a field. There are family bike groups, mountain bike groups and road bike groups. There is a couple of awesome trick bike guys in a parking lot doing tricks on BMX style bikes that is worthy of a magazine spread. Yep, they are that good! There was a rugby game in full swing as well as soccer. It was one of the best afternoons out of the path I've had in a long time!

Phil spoke of changes in the church this morning. I'll make this short but I'm ready for a change. I'm hoping we will start looking at other churches just to see how we feel. I want to visit First Assembly and Fellowship North. Just thinking out loud...

The Thanksgiving holiday is coming fast! This is just a 3 day workweek ahead and I'm thrilled! I saw the list of employees out this week and it's a mile long! Maybe it will be quite for a few days and I can get a lot done.

We are looking for a dog (again). We just got back from Lee and Connies and they have a 9 month old golden retrever and Max is the sweetest dog I been around in a long time.

Tomorrow is Terri's birthday. It'll be fun!

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