Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh yeah baby!!!

Emotional roller coaster the past few days.

Sunday my Dad was admitted to the hospital. I spoke with one sister and she said he was ok and I should come tomorrow. Later another sister called (there are 4 of them) and said you should go on down and see him, "it's bad". I drop what I'm doing and rush down the interstate. Yes, Dad looked trouble and they had him drugged up. I stayed until about 9:30 and drove back home. Went to work until 11 and heading back down there. He was a lot better. He had been passing out for a couple of days and was really weak. The jury is still out right now.

While I sat in the room with my parents it made me realize how lucky I was at my age to still have both parents. My mom asked if I would give Dad a shave and it was instantly an retro moment of standing on the closed toilet watching my daddy shave and wanting to do it so bad! He always gave me shaving cream to play with. Now here I am shaving my dad while he lays in a hospital bed. We both get tickled. I tried to put shaving cream between his lip and nose and I think half of it went up his nose. I took forever for me to get the shaving done. Sort of like tying a tie on a little boy. It's all done opposite from what you're used to. It was a good moment. A moment that reminds me of my upbringing.

I just now got a call from yet another sister and said she dad was doing much better. They are still looking at other stuff just to be sure but hopefully he will go home in a couple days.

My niece from was there with funny stories about her twins. I have to share this one. She was telling me that she could hear the little boy crying and went to check on him and the little girl (they're twins) was right in his face and had been licking his head and his hair was coated in spit! Another time the little girl was screaming and she ran in there to find the little boy with a fist full of her hair pulling and he was laughing. I'll get to see them in May when I go up for the Joe Martin Stage races. Can't wait!

Ok, yes it's daylight savings and oh yes... I'm excited!!! I rode for a while last night after i got back from the hospital. I had to do something after sitting for so long.

Tonight is the return of the Fast Girls Slow Guys Tuesday/Thursday night rides. I suspect there will be 50 or more folks out there. It will be a good time had by all. I'll take my spot close to the back while the racers will rip the assfault (he he he) off the road! Last night during my ride I saw a gathering of Carve all stopped and chatting. I bet they were talking race strategy for when the racing season starts. They will have a new force to recon with when Fast Girls Slow Guys start in. The season is sort of like a blockbuster movie you've been waiting for. The critics are gonna love it!

Well lunch is over and got to get back after it.

Oh, by the way, guess who I get to meet with next week... yes it's about the ride in June... Yes it's a major company... yes, they are coming here!!! PHONAK!!!!!! Rumor has it they also want to try some new technology while I'm training and riding.


Rodney Olsen said...

I hope your dad continues to improve. It's not easy seeing parents get older.

I'm taking part in a freeway bike hike on Sunday. They're closing our main freeway for a couple of hours and around 7000 cyclists will do a 30 kilometre ride.

Wes said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad, Geo! Yes we are lucky to have them and thats a good thing to know now. Enjoy this warm weather and those rides!