Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday 6.18.07

Nothing like getting a text message form the kiddo letting me know I had a package from FRS today! Yeah baby, the nice folks at FRS sent me a little swag to get me started. Uh huh, I'm not only an FRS snot but an offical FRS poster child now too! Me and Lance Armstrong sponsored by the same group. Oh yeah baby! HA!

Well no testing tonight for the adjustments to see if I can figure out what the deal is with the knee. We've got those summer rain showers tht started about 3 this afternoon. Man, one time it was raining so hard it looked like a thick fog. Maybe it's a good thing so my leg will recover a tad more. I'll be out there with the club tomorrow night and I'll get all sorts of input I'm sure but hey I welcome it.
Shout out to my doc buds Brain Hardin and Brent Sprinkle! Both gave me excellent advice on the knee. Brain runs our Sports Med group at ACH. Super nice guy and always goes out of his way for folks. Thanks bud! And Brent is an awesome, strong rider that I've gotten to ride with quite a few times. He was the one who sent me the "chocolate milk after a ride for recovery article." And yes, I drink a juice glass of chocolate milk after almost every long distance ride. Brent is one of those doctors that after they tell you something you sort of think, "Dang man, this guy knows his stuff!" Thanks Brent!
This photo is for my bud Wes. How's this for clean? I know it's out of focus but you get the idea. But of course it's raining this evening so no riding.
12 days until the big ride! I'm excited! I'm ready!

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Wes said...

All dolled up and ready to go!!!