Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hard training, fun ride

I woke this morning and it didn't look so bad. They were saying nasty day with cool temps and rain. My first thought was hey let's go ride from the house to England and back. First, let's flip on the tube and be sure. Nahhh, man! The rain is just a few miles from the house it looks like. Sure enough, it was a steady rain within the hour. Weather Channel saying looks of sunshine after it passes. Guess I'll just wait it out.

Finally about 1:30 the inside of the house seemed to light up! Sunshine! I walked out on the front porch and it actually felt warmer than I expected. Oh, I'm getting giddy! Ride from the house? Nah, played it safe and went down to the river. I had put on a new saddle and wanted to test it a little before really riding. It was fine!

I rode the river and backside climb at Burn's. Spotted JohnE out for a spin. Since the saddle seems to be good to go I headed out to the farmlands. I had a nice tailwind going out that rocked my socks off!

Finally turned around and started heading back and yep, that fine tailwind was (__insert ugly word here __) head wind. Ugh! But it was actually a good thing because it made me ride into it. Only one way back to the car... into the wind. Of course the IPod was cranking and I had a new playlist that was perfect for the ride.

As I came back through the river front park there were several photographers out shooting portraits and the sunset. I had to slow down and enjoy it myself a few seconds. It was too pretty to pass up! Ya gotta enjoy life's simple things... even when training.

Got back to the car and the sun had gone behind the hill and it got cold fast! I stopped and stretched, loaded up and started the car to get some heat. It was 6:20 and I could still see around! SPRING IS HERE!!!!!! Yaaba Daaba Doooo! This boy will be riding a lot after work now!

Well, I'll be out there again tomorrow... smiling so big I'll get the first bugs of spring suck in my teeth!

Life is good... tailwind or headwind!

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Wes said...

Yup, warmer days ahead, and that of course, means riding outside!!! Woot! :-)