Sunday, November 29, 2009

The comfort of Brooklyn


In all the sadness of the past couple of days since loosing Sadie, a sweet little pup I call "LBD" for little black dog whose real name is Brooklyn. We are babysitting for Zack until they get their yard fenced in. LBD is a sweet black lab pup who fell out of the back of a pickup in Fayetteville. Long story short, my daughter was keeping him so the boys wouldn't get in trouble for having her in the dorm and what was supposed to be a 1 week keep has become a month. Sadie loved having LBD around and when she and Em would leave to go home Sadie would fall in the floor and sleep off the "I had to play with the puppy" exhaustion.

LBD has been at my side since the passing of Sadie. It seems she knows I need a dog friend right now to hold and remember good times and to get passed this sad time. Right now she is alseep at my feet...snoring! HA!

Thank you Brook... you're a true little sweetheart.

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Tom Hannon said...

One of the warmest sounds I hear is the snoring of my dog, my little guy who licks my dead ears in excitement. His sleeping sounds warm my bionic ear and heart as I watch his chest move with each breathe, eyes twitching in doggy dream land. I am sadden by your lose, Geo, as I hold my little guy just a tad tighter. Funny how they know, these man’s best friends