Friday, November 27, 2009

Losing Sadie


My day after Thanksgiving started out fun and adventurous. Went out to shoot some frosty photos and had nabbed a couple of good shots that I was happy with.

Got home about 8:30am from the shoot and made coffee with caramel. Then the task of bringing down the Christmas decorations. Was finishing that up around 12 and the girls were heading out for some shopping. I decided to take a break and heat up some leftovers and watch a few minutes of TV. Zack's lab pup was sitting on the sofa beside me and Sadie was wandering around then sat by my feet. A few moments later I noticed I was feeling a draft and got up to see if a window was cracked open or something. As I walked around to the kitchen the door was wide open. The breeze had pushed it open and I had not pulled it closed all the way when I came in. My first thought was oh no the dog is out in the front yard. I walked out and looked around and didn't see her then came back in. I thought she'll be back in just a moment but I ditched the thought and went back out and called her fully expecting her to run around from the side yard. Nothing. I walked to the end of the drive then at that moment my world went into a haze. She was in the middle of the road and had been hit. No car or truck around. I could tell from her wound it was a quick death, which as sad as I am was thankful. I kneeled down beside her in the middle of the road and began to cry. I knew I had to remove her and placed her gently in a pile of leaves in our yard and texted the girls to come home, then went into the house and completely lost it.

I lost it again when the girls came in. It was a very sad moment for all of us. I called my mom and asked if I could bury the dog at the back of their land, in the woods. It was a numbing but well needed time alone. After the burial I sat in the woods crying yet again. I never realized how painful it could be to become this attached to a dog and loose her so suddenly.

I remember the day we got her, the little ball of fur. She always greeted us when we got home and loved to get on our bed when we were gone and nudge all the pillows off the bed. I remember how she slept on the end of our daughters bed every night and even after she left for college she still slept in there. I remember how she would get so excited when Tyler would come over that she would wet. She would go crazy when Terri came in from the store because she always knew one of those white plastic bags had a treat in it for her. She was a happy dog, a loved dog... and will be missed oh so much.

Life will be good again... she would want that.


Hudson Family said...

Uncle George I am so so sorry that this happened, our family gets attached to their animals easy and accepts them as a member of the family and I am so sorry to hear that she died that way. Hang in there. We love you guys!!! Precious and Amy were waiting for her when she got to doggy heaven.

Rodney Olsen said...

So very sorry to hear about Sadie. :(

Iron Maiden said...

Oh, Geo, I'm sooooo sorry! Reading this makes me think about how much I love my cats and how devistated I would be if something like that happened to them. Also, I'm pretty sure I would be very angry at the person who could do that and just leave. But I know you are a good and truly forgiving person which is just one of the very special things we love about you! Please know that you, Terri, Em and Ty are in our thoughts and prayers. Love and miss you guys!

Carver-Family said...

I'm so sorry!! She was a beautiful dog. We are dog lovers in our house too. =) The can really make you feel good and make the house a happy place!