Sunday, December 12, 2010

365-1 A new beginning

Well my old Nikon died and it was going to cost a wad to get fixed and it was an older rig. I thought and thought then decided to get a new camera. Already had some nice glass (lens) so I just needed the body of the camera. I watched Ebay and finally nabbed a nice little D3000. Of course it arrived on a day I had to work then attend my wife's office Christmas party so here it is Sunday 3 days later and I'm finally getting to a point where I can sit down and really poke and play.

Last year I started a 365 project. It's where you take/post a photo every day for a full year. I got busy with other things and somehow it got pushed aside. Dumb move. So when my camera died I realized how much I really enjoyed that project and decided a couple of weeks ago that when my new camera came in I would start again and hopefully capture some of the holidays

So here we go... photo # 1 or 365-1

Yep, it's me and the trusty black lab pup, Brooklyn.

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