Friday, April 14, 2006

Countdown to the weekend!

A very quite day in the office and I'm finishing up lunch. My department had a Lunch and Learn session yesterday and there were some salads left over. I'm not sure what the official name was but these things are out of this world! Different greens with pecans, bacon bits, grilled chicken, Raspberry dressing and more. Tummy was really happy!

Now let me tell you about yesterday's lunch. Oh man, it was wrong! A coworker (Jason) and I went to Harvest Foods of all places. He told me it was good and it was. We got tons of food for 5 bucks. The bad part was that mine was a plate of fried foods. Catfish, Potato wedges, fried okra and hush puppies. As we were eating I told Jason I would pay for eating this. He laughed and said, "Man, even your bread is fried."

I met the Fast Girls and Slow Guys bike group that I ride with doing the summer evenings and the group continues to grow and changes the dynamics of the rides. Last summer when I started riding there was Yale, Wayne, Christina, Mark, Chris and his wife Jenn, and Keith. Keith had invited me and it was just the group I was hoping to find. The ride last night had about 15 or so folks. The start was a social pace and then kicked up a little later. I was in the middle and couldn't seem to get with the flow and my computer battery had gone out so I wasn't sure what the pace speed was. Take that and add the casual riders that were out there but not part of our group and the walkers, the speed was fast/slow back and forth.

We then hit Ft Roots drive something kicked in for me (maybe that fried food is good for something afterall!). I climbed easier and faster than I ever had. It was weird. I wasn't blown by the time I hit the top. Sure there were still the rockets that flew past me but I felt really good on the climb. I'm getting more comfortable going down faster and faster as well.

The upcoming weekend looks to be a fun one. It's Easter weekend. I have a list of things to get done around the house which I'll start this afternoon if Terri and I aren't going out to eat. There are several rides and I'm hoping to get in on one heading out from Brent's house around 11 tomorrow. I think it's about a 40 miler but there will be wind. We'll go to church Sunday morning and then meet the rest of the family at Maumelle Park for a picnic. Then I'll get a quick ride in if I have all my chores done.

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