Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Maps and rides

I go in for my CI mapping tomorrow. I think I'm going to see if I can get Jordan, my audio guru to play music and map to that some. It's weird, I can hear radio/CD music and the bass is one thing then the high pitches are like a completely separate thing. Got to figure this out. Sort of like part is far away and part is in my ear. I did a speech exercise tonight and it was easy at first then I moved on to listening to answering machines and had to understand and answer questions at the end. Details details... there are words like shutter and shoulder and shimmer. Serious. It's crazy but fun at the same time.... solve the puzzle!

I'm really still having moments everyday where I just stop in awe and listen. So far one of my favorites have been cracking my office window and hearing the birds. Yesterday I had to walk across the parking lot to the main hospital and it was raining and I asked a coworker if the rain was always this loud. She just laughed and said this was a quite rain. We have a lot of construction going on and I have finally learned to tune out the beep beep beep of the heavy equipment backing up. And how many car alarms go off everyday? Geez louise!

Tomorrow I think it's going for a warm 58 degrees so I'm thinking an afterwork ride might be in the picture. It will turn dark on my while I'm riding but I'll be on a bike trail with no cars really to worry with.

Speaking of bikes get this... Rock Racing has invited Landis to come hang out at camp starting the 18th. The director has left the building. I liked Frankie. He was really a personable and approachable guy. I jut hope Ball doesn't think they are too good for the Joe Martin Stage races in Fayetteville this May and not show. Makes me think, I wonder what is going on with Healthnet and United-Toyota teams these days? All are in the hills of CA getting whipped and ready for the spring racing season.

I'm planning to head down to Ridgeland, MS on April 12th for a ride on the Natchez Trace Parkway. I'm going to try some new rides this year. I saw one the first week of Feb in Longview TX called "Freeze Your Fanny" ride. Bet the t-shirts are funny!
May be missing the Carti Tour de Rock this year since I'll be in FL in mid June. Bummer.

Yep, everyone has begun to ask me what "epic" ride will I do this year. Honestly I don't know. I would love to do a fundraiser for the Audiology group of the hospital again this year but it takes so much time to train do the fundraising. I was a bit bummed last year when I started because I had a good base of corporations in the NW part of Arkansas but the Foundation worked them for another event so I couldn't approach. I came in short for what I really wanted. There is one piece of equipment they need down there and it's a newborn hearing analyzer. Price tag is about $28,000. My fundraising for them has been in the 10-12 thousand dollar range. I had a crazy idea about riding the river trail loop for 24 hours and that would be such and easy gig to set up... not to ride... to set up. I wouldn't have to worry with driving and hotels and the hospital is just a few blocks from the river trail. Oh well, we'll see. I'm just getting back out to ride and have a good time right now.

Oh yeah, I will add photos back to the blog. I didn't realize you guys liked those that much. Guess it does make it more interesting than just a bunch of text.

Well I'm outta here folks... life is good!

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Laurie said...

I love to hear the birds, too! Sounds like you are doing great with your CI!