Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yabba Dabba do!

Well yabba dabba do! I woke this morning to find NO RAIN! Standing in the kitchen the sun was starting to come over the hill! I was tail wagging excited. Eat a very light breakfast and was out the door. I could not wait to ride this morning since I had gotten a tune up. I was ready to see if I could tell the diffence. Oh man oh man oh man oh man could I ever. Have I been riding with my brakes on all summer or something? Yes, it was that much of a difference. Even in the head wind, and we have it today, the bike was doing magical things.

Well full day ahead. Got to finish up the media for tomorrow and then it's jail time in the garage. Someone call one of those "your garage is a mess and we'll clean it all up and stock it with new Sears products" shows! I'll even act all excited when they uncover my eyes... well unless they glue fake flowers all over the wall.

Life is good.... it's yabba dabba do good!


Iron Maiden said...

I was out doing my long run this morning and saw you! You were focused and going really fast. You looked great! ZOOM ZOOM!

Wes said...

I love days like that :-)