Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 weeks from today! Gear 4 Ears will rock

Me and super biker Jenn. She has on the last jersey we did and I have on the new Gears for Ears jersey. Jenn has been a pal since the early days of biking. Her and her husband Chris are those sort of folks you want in your circle of friends. Good as gold.

I rode solo tonight and just punch the clock for a little over an hour. I know.. whimpy! Just one climb and it wasn't too hot of a climb either. Just a climb.

I'm thinking of changing my riding schedule a bit. Saturday is 70% chance of rain. that's a pretty hefty chance so tomorrow is supposed to be pretty and nice with rain starting late. Thinking of taking the training to the river tomorrow after work and just ride into the night. Forget that track riding stuff. I just have to remember to eat something about 4 tomorrow afternoon.

Oh by the way... Arkansas Children's Hospital ruled the river trail tonight! By that I mean our logo was well represented! I saw an ACH blue and white jersey for the 2005 ride. i saw a river to river jersey (like the one in the photo above) from the 2007 ride. I saw last years slick looking CARTI jersey with the ACH logo on it and I had the Gears for Ears jersey on myself. 4 jerseys out there showing ACH. Now that's pretty cool if you ask me!

Did I tell y'all I have been off of caffine for 5 days now. No, I didn't get the headache. Did I cheat, no but I have a placebo. I learned that I can drink a skinny steamer with a shot of flavoring and I think I'm drinking my latte. Hey, whatever works. Brad has me off so that on ride night in 2 weeks that I can take caffeine pills and it will send me into orbit rocking! Said they do that at Ironman. Hey, if it gets folks through Ironman, maybe it'll get me through this. If you think about it, 24 hours isn't a long time at all in the big picture. Friends have asked me if I'm going to start drinking coffee and cokes again after the rid. Serious, I think I'll just stick with the steamers. Oh sure, I'll have coffee or coke every now and then but I don't know, we'll see.

Jump over to and make a donation to the ride! OK, what if you could not hear the music... that's right NO AMERICAN IDOL?! Huh? What if you couldn't hear your family... no not that selective hearing that people joke about but no hearing all the time. No laughter, no "Hey, I'm home!" ... and no I love you... what if you couldn't hear that? That's why I ride for 24 hours. If I need to take the pain to help you hear... I will!

Life is good!


Wes said...

I think that most people in your circle of friends are "good as gold" Geo! Just sayin... ;-)

2 weeks? Hmmm... I need to check my budget sose I can contribute. When you get a chance. Post the site again!

Anonymous said...


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