Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Monday 4.7.09

Had two great hours of up tempo and climbing tonight. I kept thinking I would see groups out since it was a Tuesday night but only saw 2 groupo's (small groups).

When I dressed at the office before the ride I was thinking, "Man, this is over dressing and it's hot!" But I'm so glad I did because when the sun went down behind the hills the temperature dropped like a rock. My last Ft Root repeat was cold!

Speaking of Ft Roots. There is something dead at the first switchback and that dead smell has been going on for 2 weeks now. Whew.

I may be riding after work this afternoon. Not sure yet. Weather is going to be perfect. 74 degrees and sunny and no F5 winds.

Coming up this weekend is my night ride. I'm working out the details right now but some will be outside on the actual bike and some will more than likely be on a spin bike at home. Friday night may not be the best time to ride a solo on the river. In all honesty, I'm not worried about getting mugged but more that kids like to hang out down there and they would just be having fun but could spell trouble for me so... we'll see. Stayed tuned.

Life is good and I'm really feeling good about the upcoming 24 hour ride for ACH!


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