Friday, August 19, 2005

Just get me back to the car!

The ride last night was tough! Partly my own fault and partly the heat. We met at Cook's Landing and Yale got us warmed up. The paceline formed and off we sped. Got over to the Little Rock side and the guys for the Orbea shop were getting off from work and heading home. Yep, those orange bikes that scream with speed. Through downtown we all go and as we are over on Riverdale drive they pass us moving along at about 23mph so we follow and they slow down to 20mph after about half a mile. We go over the long bridge and this is where the sprints usually happen. I'm about 3 from the front and I pull out and attack. 32 mph. Feeling great then all the sudden my thoat cries for water. I mean it was like it was closing up. I did what sprinters call blowing out. It means you blew the engery to soon. I wanted to get to the bridge but the group was catching me as I dropped the speed down to 20. I still got the "atta boy" nods and a couple of winks from the crew!

We all stopped under the 430 bridge and took a break then headed back to NLR. Iwas fine most of the time but kept getting chills and therefore kept drinking water.

When we got back to our cars it was death! Man, we were all worn out. Water bottles rolling across the parking lot. Yale only took one shoe off then stopped and just sat there. I tried to hang my helmet on my handlebars and as it was falling off I just watched it. To tired to even try to catch it. We were tired puppies! But a good time was had by all!

Today was the first day of school for PUCO (Pulaski County Schools). Emily looked great in her new outfit. Didn't seemed worried about a thing. She had been there and done that and knows so many of the kids now. Every year there is a senior parade and every year there's a wreck. Tyler got sandwiched between 2 cars the year he was a senior. Not the best way to start your senior year. Anyway, Terri saw the aftermath of the wreck and a small little black car went up under the white truck in front. Terri said the hood over the motor was peeled back. Eww! But that they were all standing with the police so no serious injuries.

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