Saturday, August 06, 2005

Loose pigs on the road

Sooooie! Downtown Morrilton, 8:30 am, lots of bikes! Lots of fun! Tour de Oink had some of the local hammerheads in the crowd. I saw them for about a third of the ride then they were gone. Keith picked me up about 7 and we got there, geared up, spoke with some pals and then headed out with the group. Groups and pacelines formed. Got settled into a nice groove and then I goobered up. It was my turn to pull and I had a couple of hills. I didn't look down to watch my speed and I flew up the hill at 23 mph. On the second hill I looked over my shoulder and no one was there?! I really felt bad. I slowed and the group caught up and I pulled at 20mph for awhile then dropped back to the half way point in the paceline. The rotation never got back to me. It seemed like the same 6-8 folks at the front kept rotating the pull. Anyway, we got back to the finish line at about 10:20. Not bad kiddies! 40 miles in just under 2 hours!

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