Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's all changed up... almost

5:09 and it's winding down! Change day is almost down and we're still married! HA! Furniture all cleaned and moved around into it's winter spots. Summer stuff up and fall all came down. We had to scratch our heads and wonder if we really stored some of this stuff for a year. Funny modern art piece was made over the summer! There were several candles that accidentially got packed and melted together. It was one of those things you pull out of a box and look at it then tilt your head like a puppy and stare in wonderment! HA! Sort of had that look of one of those prized kindergarten art projects you get for a special holiday. Emily was off helping her boyfriends aunt move into her new house. Tyler came over and brought my "grandpuppy" with him. Zero is so funny! We sent him home dirty and tired thanks to Sadie! Funny too because Sadie has crashed in the floor and so asleep that I walked and stepped over her and she didn't move.

Oh and guess what we found today stashed away in the back of a closet... My Sony Studio headphones!!! I love these things because the sound is awesome! I really thought the kids had taken them somewhere. Dad's think that way when we lose stuff... right guys? We learned this from Dr. Cliff Huxeble (sp?) back in the 80's. If not from him, then it was from the great Toolman Taylor! I really miss the good shows like that. I like CSI but I would really like a good dose of the "old days".

Last night Terri and I went out for dinner and decided to the new Montana Steak House that just opened. Nothing special at all. The waitress was great but the rest of "dining experience" was blah.

Afterwards we went over to Lowe's to look at tile for the kitchen. For those you who pray, please put me and my tiling project on your list. HA! I asked Terri if she was really sure she could handle a torn up kitchen for a few days? Ok, a few months! HA! It's going to be pretty after it's all done. We picked up a few other things then headed across the street to WalMart. I want the profits from just one WalMart store for one day. Man, it' always busy!

When I woke this morning I thought I'd get a ride in then I told myself to stick around and get started moving things I could that wouldn't make noise so Terri and Em could sleep. Then I said, nah, go ride. This went back and forth for a while. I didn't ride. I saw Paul B at Wal Mart last night and he said a few guys were going to ride at 10 so I kept thinking I'd get down there and ride. Instead I started my work. Ok, I'll go ride after I get finished. No can do. Oh well, I'll ride tomorrow afternoon.

I saw pasta shells and guess what's in the sink thawing out? Real crab stuffing from P'cola! Oh yes!! I'll loose those 18 lbs later...

Speaking of food, get this, one of the guys I ride with, actually one of my heros, is married to a ... are you ready... a trainer, who is ALSO a massage therapist, who is ALSO a Pastry Chef. That ain't right is it?! Oh and there's even more... She is one of our fast girls! I didn't know she did all this until this week. Chris and Rebecca I. is who I'm talking about. If I didn't have kids, I would adopt them. You know those folks that you are "put your feet on the coffee table" comfortable around. They are that to me.

Oh and how about the Hogs baby!!! It will be fever pitched next week for the Ole Miss game. (Note to nephew Jim in CA... why not writing about our beloved Hogs now that they are smokin"? Note to my neice in Rogers (his sister) who I know is laughing after reading that! HA!)

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