Monday, December 26, 2005

Back on!

YES!!! We are back on line! I'll be updating regularly again thanks to the new HP Pavilion we got for Christmas! Actually I bought the family a Christmas gift because none of us could live without a home computer much longer.

Well here's what has happened since Denver... Tyler did graduate and he and Shalyn rode back to Arkansas with us. We dropped the girls off at the airport and then picked Tyler and Shalyn up and headed towards home. The snow was very light but as the sun went down and I couldn't see out across the plains I had no idea what was out there. At one point just before we got to Limon, CO an area with strong wind we crossed. It wasn't snowing but it was heavy blowing snow. I was worried but lucky for us it didn't last long. The rest of the trip to Salina, KS was boring. So boring that I caught myself trying to fall asleep. I finally pulled off and traded with Terri and she drove the last 50 miles to Salina.

The next morning we get going and the strangest thing happened. I was feeling fine then I had to cough. When I did, it felt as though I was trying to cough with barbed wire in my throat. It hurt like a big dog. Sad to say, it was down hill from there. We arrived back in Sherwood at about 4pm on Monday and I felt bad. Went on to work and it just kept getting worse. Terri and I met Gary and Lisa at Trans Sirberian concert and it took everything for me to make it through. It was a great show but I felt like crap!

Finally, Thursday afternoon came and it was time to go home for the long weekend. I felt like I could barely crawl to the car. I figured if I went home and got some rest then Friday morning I could run out and so my Chirstmas shopping. That didn't happen. Finally on Saturday morning I got out and knocked it out as fast as I could and then we had Chistmas Eve brunch at Gene and Betty's and I was feeling rough by then. I kept thinking, how am I going to be come dinner time when all of Terri's family is at our house? I slept all afternoon and into the evening. It hurt really bad just to try and talk so I sat there and smiled. Probably looked pretty funny.

Christmas morning was rough and I didn't even go to my family's Christmas. I slept most of the day. I've never missed a Christmas! And man, I hope I don't ever miss another!

I woke this morning feeling better and as the day wore on I began to realize it might be over. There were dizzy spells at times but those had gone away now.

Being sick sort of blew the whole holiday but there will be others. When I was feeling bad and was home alone it did give me a lot of time to think. I have decided not to pursue the fundraiser ride for the hospital this summer. I thought long and hard and it took so much time and personal money to train and then complete the ride. This summer my family is going to Destin for a week around the 4th of July and I'd like to got do that since I missed so much family functions of the past year. This is not to say that I won't be riding my bike. Trust me, as the holiday's conclude next week, it will be time to get serious again.

One of the things I did for Christmas was ask that any gifts be giftcards from Chainwheel bike shop. I can cash them in for my Carve membership. I have wanted to be a part of their club for sometime now and have been invitied to do so but there is still a membership fee. I'm hoping to go over there tomorrow and get the paperwork completed.

This blog is sort of "me" tonight and I'll write better tomorrow as in not so much about me. Sort comes off looking selfish!

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