Saturday, December 17, 2005


I looked and hadn't realized that I've not made a single entry into the blog in 15 days! I've been that busy at work and without a computer at home I just don't have the time to write. I'm sitting here in the Hampton Inn in Denver the day after Tyler's graduation. HE MADE IT!!! I'm really proud of him and his senior exhibit was great and shows a lot of creativity.

Terri and I drove for 14 straight hours with very little stopping to get from our house to Tyler's. We had good weather for driving, a bit windy, but pretty. At one time I was going down the interstate and the cars in our little herd kept getting faster and faster until I looked down and we were traveling at 90 mph! I pulled out and said so long. It was crazy.

One of the coolest things (cool because it was short and sweet) was as we were driving into Salina there was a cloud and it was a version of a mini downpour but it was snow. For about 2 minutes it was snowing and you could see it going across the field. I've heard the freak snowstorms come out of no where and leave folks stranded all the time. I just hope that doesn't happen on the way home.

We ate at Hard Rock cafe yesterday between the senior show and graduation. It was a neat place. Over priced but fun to see. A glass of coke got knocked over on the table then at dinner the waitress at Chili's broke a glass sending my drink all over my lap. 2 meals, 2 drinks, 2 spills.

Not sure of the plans for today but I hope it's something fun. We talked about going to the mountains but it's snowing pretty good right now. They are saying 1-2 inches so not sure if we are going up there or not.

Sean is staying at our house with Sadie. Sounds like she is doing fine. She grew legs and it's funny to remember what she looked like as a 6 week old pup verses a 12 week old pup. We are having a new fence put in so she can go out and play without one of us standing out there worried that she'll run around to the front. She's already ran away from Terri and out to the street. We just have to stay between her and the front yard.

I've been torn between riding a big tour again this summer or going to Destin with my side of the family. I really like the idea of another tour and if I do then it's 200 miles more than last year and will start at the Canadian border and end in Little Rock. I can stay on Highway 71 all the way to Fort Smith! One road almost the whole way? But then I'm beginning to have second thoughts. I really missed a lot last year training day in and day out for the ride. I've not spent much time with my side of the family in a while and that might be something I need to do. Am I trying to talk myself out of the tour? Maybe.....

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