Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cool weather and thoughts

The temp outside on the employee patio is a nice 72, blue sunny skies and a slight breeze. Yes, a day that I want to one of the grounds guys rather than an office guy. They have begun to plant pansies so you know what that means. Cooler weather ahead. Harvey is our grounds director and an awesome landscape designer and knower of all things dirt and flowers. I watch to see what they do and then go do it at home. They water extra, I water extra. They plant pansies, I plant pansies. One of my favorite things is when they come back my office in the early morning and mow. The first thing I do after they finish is crack my window and smell the fresh cut grass. Then to look out and see the office lawn is carefully cut with the perfection of a pro baseball field. If I could only get my lawn to look half as good and Harvey and the boys do here.

Tonight is considered the last after work club ride. Well, unless you have lights. It's getting dark now around 7:15 so the 6 o'clock take off gives you just enough time for down and back on the north side of the river. I'm hoping to run out there and ride and get home in time to see the new season episode of CSI.

I sent out my request for volunteers for the Cato rest stop that I'll be staffing for the BDB 100 ride next Sunday. Man, it's hard to believe that it's already here. 600 riders already signed up and many more will sign up over the next week as the weather reports start coming out. There are rumors of cut off number. I say let them all sign up! We want big.

Well, back to work, lunch over.

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