Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Open the windows!

I tell you this new hearing aid is the bomb! I am constantly flipping the switch to listen to tunes! You just have no idea! I forgot how much I liked the Rush tune "Tom Sawyer". It's a hoot to walk through the office with tunes blasting in my head and watching what happens. The soundtrack of my life. There have been times that I've busted out laughing because a certain song would be on and a coworker would be doing something and the song goes along with the moment. My favorite one so far has been a ticked off coworker that couldn't find a report on her desk and she was trashing her desk and Bob Segar was singing "Turn the Page". She just looked at me laughing and said" This is not funny!" If she only knew! I just have to remember not to bob my head during a meeting. I can see it now, "Geo, would you please tell us the latest status of..." Everyone looks at me and I have my eyes closed playing the air drums. Ahhh, human resources at its finest! HA!

Oh, the weather is awesome today! I have my office window cracked a bit and the fresh air is blowing through. The morning drive was a crisp 63. I just had a quick bite of lunch out in the courtyard with other outdoor craving coworkers. Sounds like the temps are slowing going up toward the weekend then back down.

Dog drama: Sean was supposed to take his dog home yesterday but had car trouble on the way home from the university and Em ended up taking him over there. Then I wake up this morning to find a note on the bathroom counter. Yep, one of those teenage girl "Dear dad, I need a favor" notes. Guess what, Max is back at the house today. Ugh! I'll never get rid of that massive dog. He is just supposed to be there for the day... yeah right!

I was reading a blog from another bike rider and he was talking , actually a rant, about going to a booster club meeting and one of the parents saying something about "being able to still run." Lance runs, bikes, the whole bit. I read their blogs for inspiration and entertainment! Anyway, the blog was about making time to exercise. Sad so many folks don't. There’s work, the kids, etc but when it comes to taking care of themselves they sort of skip that part. I know that I’ve missed something’s due to my riding but if I didn't ride then I'd look like Jobba the Hut too. Another blogger that I read a lot made a comment on Lance's blog about "hail damaged thighs are not normal." I busted out laughing. I've never heard that saying before.

Now all that said, I've got to watch it close. I've decided to take a few days off the bike and give the club riding schedule a rest. But you know what, I've been eating since the weekend like a nuke is going to take us out and I'll never get to eat. Geesh, slow down bud! I swore I would never ever wear waist size 36 pants again but gee, brownies, chips, big lattes. Just writing that is sick! It's going to be interesting to see how I feel Saturday afternoon when I climb on the bike again. Something tells me while I climb a hill i will be telling myself, "Geo, how's that brownie feel now...huh... get yer fat butt up that hill and quit you whinning!" HA!

Lunch over... Geo out!

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