Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday thoughts

What a day of mixed emotions. Yes, it’s the 5th anniversary of 9/11. I sleep fitfully last night. I awoke from 3 nightmares. I don’t know if I’ve ever had 3 in one night before. One was a 9/11 nightmare. Yes, I saw the building blow up over and over on one of the 9/11 shows last night so I know where that one came from. One was a bike wreck. I know where that one came from. I read an email just before going to bed that some of our guys crashed during Sunday’s ride. More on that in a moment. Now the third nightmare was just plain weird. Hey hey hey, cut it out guys! It had nothing to do with going to work in my underwear and no one notices. But for some strange reason I dreamed or nightmared (is that a word?) that I opened the door that leads out to the garage and there was a guy standing on top of my Explorer. He jumped off like a gorilla and ran out of the garage and down the road. Ok, I don’t even want anyone to analyze that. HA!

So the 9/11 day? I made me feel sad. I think it’s good to remember that day even though I didn’t personally know anyone there. It made everyone think a little different whether good or bad. We thought different. I never really thought about Muslim’s that much until then. I know that the few Muslim’s I do know are peaceful people. I know that they hate what the terrorist are doing in the name of the Muslim religion. There are also so called Christians that are extreme that do dumb things in the name of Christianity but I don’t agree with them. Anyway, during lunch I clicked over to CNN on the web and watched the 9/11 morning 5 years ago unfold. I remembered those images. I remember pulling into the parking lot and Eric on the Point was announcing that CNN reported that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I just kind of continued parking thinking, “Wow, how did they do that?” I walked into the office and told a coworker about it and we thought it was a small plane. We went upstairs to another co-workers office that had a TV and then like everyone else we stood in shock. I remember the second plane hitting and the co-worker covering her mouth and tears begin to flow. It was compassion for another human being. It was sadness for another family who lost someone. Like everyone else, we all felt the pain in one way or another. I remember going to church that Wednesday night and the auditorium was packed. There are days I think about this even when it’s not 9/11. I think about how everyone puts God aside until we really need him like when a 9/11 happens. Don’t you ever wonder why we’ve gotten so politically correct? What’s it for anyway? So we don’t hurt someone’s feelings? I’m all for not hurting anyone’s feelings but to kick God out of everything is pretty lame don’t ya think?

There was a big crash with the group yesterday and I hear we had a couple of guys (Keith H and P Britt) are down with broken collar bones. Sounds like JBar crashed but walked away. I’m starting to think Keith H. needs to take up Dominos or something. He’s had a tough few bike weeks.

Hey, we got rain sweet rain today! WoHoo! I’ve kicked on the sprinklers hard and heavy since Saturday to see if I could revive my yard. It’s looking a little west Texas if you know what I mean.

Oh, did I tell you a neighbor bought the house and land next door? It’s going to be really neat because they are turning the house into a rustic looking log/lodge cabin style house. The closed on it last week and he had already taken off the whole back screened in porch by the time we got home from work. No 3 story zero lot houses next door! Yes!!

Well, that’s about it for today! Y’all stay dry out there!

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