Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday 9.15.06

Woke this morning and took it easy. I was fun to wake up on a Saturday and not have to rush a breakfast then head off to ride. I had coffee and just tinkered around. It was fun and relaxing.
I watered shrubs said good morning to neighbors on both sides. Ron is funny in that he mows his grass whether it is growing or not. Trust me, it hasn't been growing.

A little while later Terri was up and about and getting ready for her trip to Pits. She went up a day early for a business meeting so she could tour around a new ity a little bit. The Pit Pirates were playing at home tonight so she was thinking of going over to a game.

Max ended up at our house again and Sean won't be taking him home and the Sherwood Human Society couldn't take him either so I'm pretty sure that I'm stuck with a dog. It was so nice that 24 hours we had just Sadie. We were getting used to it and spoiling her. I have to put the kiddie gate back up to keep them out of the back bedrooms. I'm really bummed about this and Em and I talked a long time about it and even though I told her that Sean had to have the dog out of the house by the time I got home from work Monday, I doubt it's going to happen. I told Em that he is dodging responsibilty like a divorced dad. Sure, they had the kids when it works out for them but the real responsibility belonged to others. I know, that was a harsh thing to say but it summed up the problem. This is a tough deal that has caused a lot of emotion.

Em and I went down to Benton to take shrimp and red snapper to the folks and we got the better treat. Barbie had made homemade pizza. It was out of this world. I can't remember the lat time I had homemade pizza. A bit later she asked us if we wanted Oreo pie. Did i die and go to heaven. Well of course I had... I was at my momma's house! HA! We ate pie and held our breath thrugh the last seconds of the Arkansas v. Vandy game. A very sweet win (Ya hear that Jim? Houston Nutt's circled wagons paid off! HA!)

Speaking of my nephew Jim. Sherry, my sister and his mom came over to mom and dad's house. She has lost 25 pounds and looks awesome! I saw her pull up in he drive and hop out and walk briskly to the hpuse. She hasn't walked like that in a long time. Once again, loosing weight has proven to have huge benefits. She used to couldn't even sit through a movie because her legs would hurt and she was all excited that small things like that are starting to hppen now that she is loosing weight. I'm really happy for her! She has twin grandbaby's coming soon and she'll get to be a great grammy to them and feel great too! Keep it up sis!

We got home and I went down to the river for a ride. I was surpsied to fine roadies out this close to dinner time on a Saturday night. Guess their wives were gone on business trips too. I plugged in my tunes and had a great ride and kept it 20-22 mph. I telling you, riding with tunes is awesome! I rode the river then around Burns Park then along the river some more.

Got home, kicked back and enjoyed the evening. Not a whole lot really but boy did I have fun.

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