Monday, March 10, 2008

What happened at the demo stays at the demo...

Shawdawg and the new Tricross bike he picked up at the demo.
Oh, so Jenn does not know about this yet? bad!

Ironman and Ironmaiden looking on in complete shock that Shawdawg
picked up a high end bike without telling his wife (Shawkitty).

I'll have to get a photo of his bike... sharpest bike in town!

One of the time trial bikes at the Specialized demo.

After Friday's snow we had a good melt down on Saturday and Sunday afternoon we were smiled upon with temps in the mid 50's and lots of sun. Everyone came out to play! I lucked out and spotted the Carti training ride coming towards me and whipped around and chased 'em down and then played sissy and tucked in and rode in the back of the group with no headwind! I stayed with them to the regroup point and got to see a lot of folks I've missed since last summer. Many were the core group of the folks I started riding with a few years ago. Man, it was great seeing everyone. Even talked to Dr. Brent for a few. This guy knows how to dress for riding. Looking sharp as a tack! Meant to get a photo but was having too much fun listening to all the bike talk. Yep, you heard me right...LISTENING! I heard all the conversations going on and it was just too awesome for me.
On the way back to the start point we stopped at the Specialized demo trailer. Oh sweet jelly beans! After eyeing some of those bikes I needed to sit back and light a smoke! HA! Richard (bike shop owner) had the nerve to ask me to trade up. HA! Man, I'm still in the honeymoon stage with my bike. But I tell ya, I'm getting rid of the seat. Hate the thing! I rarely had problems with rubbing spots with my Allez seat but this has a couple of material patches and it seems to have caused me grief since day one.

This afternoon (Monday) I got over to the boat ramp and rode a down and back solo. Very quite out there. I was smart enough to take the tunes but man, I've got to get some new ones. Sometimes I wonder to myself why I would have downloaded some of the cheesy songs I do. HA!

(Note to Ironmaiden: remember our conversation about me being domestic this summer... forget the yard, I'm riding! Buh ha ha ha!)

Everyone keeps asking (trust me, they really do) about what big ride I'm planning for the year. I have a wild idea and it would be easy to pull it off... real easy but do I really have time to do the fundraising part again? I sort of got sandbagged last year with it and sort of thought about putting together a list and just send it out... just do it. There are so many things these days that folks are being hit up for donations. All are good projects and causes but you just can't give to them all. But in the back of my mind I'm wanting to do something for the Audiology group at Children's again this year. I almost feel like I h.a.v.e to because they have changed my life! Serious there are days I just stand in awe for the things I hear and I wouldn't have gotten to do that without them. Patti, Jordan, Krista, Steve, Mary Martha, Brenda, Dr. D, Dr. Bower and even Anna (she gave me a pre-cochlear implant test that I'm still going to therapy over! HA!). These wonderful folks are the best in their field and changing peoples life is just something they do everyday. The whole Audio/Speech team over there is like that.

Fast Girls Slow Guys has a 6pm ride tomorrow night. Can't wait! Two groups... the racers and the fat kids like me. Yep, I'll take the camera!

Oh and by the way... if you look and paid attention, Shawdawg really did "pick up a tricross bike", but bless his heart, that's all he did. Just picked it up... not buy it. I kind of wondered if Jen (his wife) even finished reading this blog or if she ran out to the garage yelling, "Chreee-us!!!"

Life is good... I mean r.e.a.l.l.y good!


Wes said...

That was a good one, Geo :-) I've been debating on getting a new seat for my bike. I don't have any real complaints yet, but we'll see how it goes after I get up above the three hour mark in the saddle. I don't really care about weight. It's all about the gel :-)

Jenn S. said...

Geo...I was totally yelling "Chreee-us!!!" He really wants a Tri-Cross...something about needing it for the sandy beaches of Jacksonville, FLA. Who knows!

Thanks for the laugh,