Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You woke up to what?!!!

Yep folks, it was summer on Sunday and winter on Tuesday. We had a nice pretty heavy snow fall but it was the good kind where here in central Arkansas we were able to go on about our business day. About an hour north of here (the same places the tornados hit) they got 12 inches!

Most was gone here about noon or so.

Emily got the tummy flu and it's nasty! Ohhhh does that mean I can drive her hot rod to work tomorrow? Can I please! HA!

Sunday marks the return of daylight savings and he forecast is in the mid to upper 60's next week! Oh yeah baby! Countdown to those Tuesday/Thursday rides with friends.

I am still hearing new sounds! I was sitting on the patio in our new chairs and I could hear something pat pat pat pat and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what it was so like all the other times I had to get up and walk around until I figured it out and it was someone out for a run. Ok, I'm blown away that I could hear that. I still think it's funny to hear Terri and Emily in the den talking when I'm at the other end of the house. Fun to sit still and turn the CI up and listen in! Like the fly on the wall sort of thing. Yes, girls, I know more than you give me credit for... much more! HA!

Life is good!!!

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