Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Darkened field lights at the Sherwood sports complex. They almost look like little space ships that dropped ropes for little alien SWAT men. HA!

Seriously it was one of the first shots I made this evening as the sun set on the first day of the new year. I stopped by Mark's late this afternoon and picked up the Nikon D70s to test drive this weekend. More buttons than Nasa's Discovery! As I was driving back to the house the sunset was really nice so I drove up the hill that overlooks the baseball fields. It was strangely quite.

So today was the first day of diet-o-rama for America? How did you do or are you waiting until tomorrow or maybe even Sunday or Monday... or maybe sometime in June? I did OK today but that's all....just ok.

I got up about 7 after going to bed at almost 1:30am. Got all ready to go to Two Rivers park over in Little Rock to meet friends and ride. Just as I was about to load up I flipped on the TV to check weather. I almost wished I hadn't. It was 31F with a wind chill of 25F. BRRR! I decided not to go. Bummed to say the least but I knew I would be riding today but only after it warmed a tad. Well I did ride! 47 miles! The afternoon was awesome and there were a lot of folks out biking and running. My numbers were good until I got to Ft Roots at the end of the ride. I got a little put out with myself for taking my time on the first half of the climb and turned it into "push energy". After the last switchback I stood and cranked it out. It was a good feeling. On the way down I spotted Diane B and a few others. One of my goals for this year is to ride with that bunch again.

While I'm thinking about it here are some of my goals for Oh-Nine...
Go to BACA and Arkansas Bike Club meetings again. I enjoy going to those and they are always fun. I just got out of the habit.
Bike to work and home more this year.
Log my numbers on
Ride the Tour de Rock this June.
Ride the 24 Hours on the river (Gears for Ears) on April 30/May 1st.
Volunteer again for the Carve Crit Series in June/July
Go to Joe Martin Stage races in May
Hit the beach in Destin on May 23rd!

More personal goals are to be a better friend. I have some awesome friends and I just can't seem to get with it to hang with them like I want to. Not getting over to the ride this morning is a perfect example of what I am talking about.

Be more positive. Some things and some people you just can't change so smile and enjoy the differences and live on!

Laugh more and laugh hard!

Ok the list is going to be 326 miles longs so I'll just leave yo with those.

Life is good... when you are happy and have goals.

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Iron Maiden said...

We did miss you at the ride yesterday! You're goals sounds very Geo-esque, but how could you possibly be any more positive or laugh more? You will have to carry around a tank of laughing gas! Here's to a more frequent sighting of Geo in 2009!!!!