Monday, January 19, 2009

New Media system arrived!

Oh yeah... Change is coming! The new media system for church has arrived! I'm giddy!

I shot over 400 photos today during the MLK Parade. It passes 1/2 block from my office. It was a great way to spend lunch! Lots of really nice folks.

Ok, yes, I was the token cracker in the crowd but it was seriously fun. Lots of laughing.

I'm charging the batteries to the camera full charge and using a blank card so I can document the day. I plan to start shooting as soon as I get up. Don't worry... it will be a shot of the TV with the time and just a screen shot. I do have a plan for what the "moment" photo is going to be if she will let me take it. "She" doesn't like her photo taken but she has such as passion about what will take place tomorrow. "She" has the office next to me and yes she is black. I have my fingers crossed for tears...

I'm taking a day off from training.

Life is good... when you are excited about what tomorrow may bring.

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