Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday 01 18 09

Been a good week of training. Got some core in a few days and got to spend the afternoons both Sat and today riding.
Knocked down 52 miles on Saturday. That wind! What do we do? Geesh Louise!
I spotted Chris Ironman yesterday out for a 14 mile run. Man, this guy is looking strong! We stopped for a few and got caught up and could have yakked for a while but we both had business to tend to and neither wanted to start back up if we stood around very long. I spotted a couple of other groups out but they were always going the opposite way than I was. I would have jumped on the train. I did see Doug Pope leading one so I knew that was a fast and furious little group. After all the side roads along the river and Burns Park I could find I was aching for some real open road so I headed out to Scott (farmland). Cross wind on the way out turning to headwind on the way back in. I just put my head down and cranked it out. Just get it done. Got back as the sun was setting and it was good to because the temps were falling from the 56 degrees it had been.

Headed out to climb stuff this afternoon and playing on Batesville Pike. It's just out the backdoor from the house. Lots of good climbing back there. On the way down the hill there was some really crappy road so I braked it most of the reminder down. The climbing was fun! I normally try to just look at the road just ahead rather than up the hill. My mind seems to control my legs (I know, that was a goofy thing to say... of course they control them) but what I mean is that if I don't really sense that I'm climbing (visually) then I can climb fairly well and not tire out but if I look up and the what I climbing then for some dumb reason I start getting tired. If your mind and heart is into it then your body is going to follow.

Saw a friends Twit a little while ago stating she just did a run and was at her hotel with the door open. She's in AZ. I could handle riding in AZ right now! HA!

Another is heading down to Austin to train with a pro team for a few days. You dawg! Can't wait to hear the stories of that adventure!

Got to see U2 perform at the Washington celebration. Now I have "In the name of love" stuck in my head. Not a bad tune to be stuck with.

Tomorrow is MLK day and I'm working. The parade comes a block from the hospital so we'll walk down there around lunch time and wave. I'm thinking tomorrow's parade will be high energy with Tuesday being Obama's swearing in.

Life is good!

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