Sunday, March 08, 2009

I guess it blew off...

I know I wrote post yesterday about the wind. It's out there flying around the matrix somewhere ... or I just got careless and hit delete or something, who knows. I think it was the trauma of the wind. You think I'm joking huh? It was that 20-30 mph stuff. Hey, at least it was warm.

Aww right, so I headed out to ride at 6:45 and thought it was really nice until I started riding. Ok, it was a bit chilly but what a beautiful morning! I circled back real quick and added a wind vest and leg warmers (why do I always think of Flashdance movie when I say that? HA!). Much better! So I head out and loop the north side once. Spotted Marrianne running... looking like a pro! We yelled howdy's to each other. I rode on out to Alltel Arena where the first Carti Tour De Rock training ride was going to be held. Whoa! Lots of folks and I mean a lot! Awesome! Meant up with a pal I used to work with back in my graphics days. I was great to ride with Mike. Also met up with a friend of mine from church, David, was in the crowd. I didn't even know he rode!

Todd split everyone up into the A group and the B group. Oh yeah, Mike and I had to think we could hang with the big boys and took off with the A's. It really was not supposed to be that fast but hey... A means A. The ride out was great and I was in the mix but then we got over to the North Park industrial area and turned on a drive that was straight into the wind and the group blew apart! I don't mean like 2 groups. I mean like 10 groups of 2 and 3 riders. It was brutal. The B group seemed to have done the same thing from what I hear.

Now my plan was that I was going to be on the bike ALL day just riding for long periods of time, not speed. Well dork here blew a wad of energy on that A group and suffered for the next 2 hours. I finally ended with 4 hours. Lesson learned.

Today I got Terri off to catch her plane. Everyone was a zombie at the airport at 6:30 this morning. Terri and I hardly said 5 words to each other on the ride over. Just too tired and the daylight savings moving the clock forward and hour ... well today was the wrong day to get up that early but hey, it's daylight until almost 8pm now!

Went to church then Em and I were trying to figure out what to eat. Taco Bell or as I lovingly call it Taco Hell. I know, I should not eat that while training but I did and have lived to tell about it.

On the bike for almost 4 hours today and it was a great ride. Yes, strong wind but it was going straight with the river route so 7 miles was into the wind then 7 miles back was tailwind that pushed you along! It was screaming fast going with the tailwind today. I would have gone screaming fast the whole way back but with the weather as warm as it was, there were massive amounts of folks out enjoying it.

Oh, here are some answers to questions from the comments of the last post...
CI..very little wind noise. Serious! The hearing aid roars and I use it for my IPod side. The CI is great for riding just be sure to get some double sided tape and put a little piece on the processor and battery area then a small piece on the magnet.

Helmet and CI: Yes, when you put the helmet on it usually bumps the mag a little and might disconnect but just stick your finger up under your helmet and nudge it back and usually it stays in place for hours.

Sweat and CI: I use what is called a Dry & Store. When I get finished riding I always take the hearing aid (HA) and CI off. Sweat evaporates some while I ride but when I stop it's a rainy season. I just lay them on the console and drive home (if I drove to the ride) in silence. When I get home I put them in the Dry & Store while I shower and get cleaned up. It cost about a hundred dollars but extends the life of your equipment by leaps and bounds. No they're not a sponsor but I wish they were.

So all in all I was on the bike 5.5 hours Friday, 4 on Saturday and 4 today. Not bad! Would have been a lot more without the blasting wind but, it was great training.

Well, that's it for me tonight!

Life is good ... Life was blowing in the wind..


Wes said...

That's some serious riding, bro! and the win will keep ya honest!! Riding with the "A" group and all :-)

Anonymous said...

yep good to see you on my run Saturday, two days in a row!! m