Monday, March 02, 2009

Catching up

Last post was Friday so...
Saturday I was in a leadership conference and it started raining, then it quit. Then it starting snowing. Yes, serious.
Sunday was church then Texas Roadhouse with the family. We eat out every Sunday for lunch. Then it was the bike for the afternoon a.f.t.e.r I finished my chores. Headed down to the river and jeepers creepers!!! It was windy. There were a couple of times the side wind gave me a jolt and one hill, I kid you not, I had to pedal to go down because it was straight into the wind. The 7 miles heading north was straight on wind coming down the river. It was like climbing the whole time. Great training .
Tonight was watching TV on the trainer.
Tomorrow after work is hill repeats.

I put the Gears 4 Ears event out on the Facebook and got a lot of hits already plus a TON of emails asking me about it.

Saw the printed sample of the jersey and it's off the hook! Very cool looking!

Life is good!

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Wes said...

Geo! You need to facebook me bro...