Friday, March 13, 2009

Pulling ya boots back on!

What a week! The weather went from beautiful to sour and then stayed that way all week. We should all come back to life after this afternoons cold rain. They say it's over then. Good thin too because there will be 8,000 runners here in town for this weekends Little Rock Marathon plus all the folks on the sides cheering them on and all the volunteers.

Shout out to by pals and pal-ettes who are running and reading this. Rock the Marathon!

Shout out to CI pal way up north -- Sam -- Rock your run this weekend man!!!

I got to met with a family about getting a CI. Super nice folks. The son who is getting the CI asked good questions. Jordan said it seems to calm folks down when they see someone who actually has one on and goes about their daily lives with it.

By the way, THANK YOU ADVANCED BIONICS!!!!!! They became the newest sponsor of the Gears 4 Ears ride. When they called my office I was giddy. Yes, one of those, the door is closed so it's OK to dance around because no one can see you!

The plan for the weekend is to dress up like the rabbit and led the Little Rockers Marathon on my bike. Yes, I really do this. 1,500 screaming kids running their last mile for the 26.2 miles. They work on this at school and in their clubs then come out to the Marathon course and run/walk the very last mile and get huge medals like the real marathoners. The hospital is a major sponsor and the course goes right in front of the hospital.

After that fun I'll take off the rabbit suit and ride my training for Saturday. The Sunday will be church then out to ride all afternoon. I have to make up some time and miles that's for sure! Sunny and 62 for Sunday then next week is back to clear and upper 60's and mid 70's.

So there you have it...

Life is good ... because it's Friday!


Sam said...

Yo George..Thanks for the shout out! I'll win one for ya!

Wes said...

That's great news, George! Good people helping good people!!! I love it...