Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday stuff

Rode a little this morning then over to Little Rockers Marathon... yes, dressed as a rabbit. While waiting to the start a guy who is the head of another race in town called the Dino Dash asked me if I would help them and ride in front as the rabbit. What do you think I said? "Sure, whatever you need!" Crazy stuff.

So the gates open and off go the kids. I look back and there is a girl right on my tail. I speed up and I look back again... there is a girl, the same one, right on my tail. We are going 13mph! She slowly falls back and a young man is now the front. We never drop below 10mph. He never turns that "runners red face" and he never seemed to be winded. At the home stretch I sped up and went through the line so it would just be him coming through the finish! He desired the big win!

Well lunch is settled... think I'll ride out to the country for the afternoon.

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Marianne said...

nice costume, you need it for easter too!