Friday, February 10, 2006


Yes, it is raining, sleeting and changing to all snow "after 2pm"

Ok, we've had this great warm winter that I'm not complaining about but when we get the white stuff and cold temps it just makes it hurt that much more. Yep, we're cold weather whimps and darn proud of it!

Since I had to go home and play Mr. Mom after work yesterday, I set up the trainer in the guest room and plugged in a race from last year and spun for an hour. It felt really good. I bought my clothes and plan to spin this afternoon over in the fitness center before heading home.

Valentines day is coming up next week and I already know what I'm getting for Terri and I got the card weeks ago. I told her that I wanted black socks. She laughed and looked at me funny. But I was serious. I have all these "singles" in my sock drawer. I told her I need a pack of black gold toe so if one of them runs off to wherever socks AWOL to then I would have others that matched. Black socks for Valentines day....HA!

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