Sunday, February 19, 2006

Is this what cabin fever feels like?

Like I said yesterday day, icey weekend number 2. I came home from the office Friday and haven't been anywhere since. Not that we couldn't get out but I really didn't need anything and Terri and Emily wouldn't stay home ALL day no matter how bad the weather or how sick they might be. Terri's brother Ronnie went to FL for the week and left Terri in charge of his dogs. He doesn't excatly live in our neighborhood and she goes over there 2x a day. He said just to leave them in the house... all week. Thank goodness she's going over there. Yesterday one went out in the his backyard and wouldn't come in no matter what so she had to leave it out there. I think he needs to put them in a kennel when traveling. Oh well, enough soapboxing...

I got a lot done around the house since it was icey and sooo cold outside. But since I didn't get to ride I'm going to go watch another race from last year while I spin on my trainer. At least tomorrow will be 38 and the thaw will be on! It's also President's Day holiday for some folks so at least the raods will be light traffic.

The first stage of the first Tour of California happened today. ESPN2 will run it at midnight central time. VCR is ready! At least I can watch that will I spin tomorrow. I get a stage per night so I'll have a whole tape!

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