Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day

Yep, it's Valentines Day and yep I already have the gift and card. The card was bought weeks ago because I waited til the night before one year and had to basically have a ballroom brawl with another guy that had waited too long too. Ok... maybe not but it would have made a good story. Emily woke up to a HUGE stuffed dog that looks like Sadie (by the way, where is Sadie?! I know, that ain't right! HA!) and a heart shaped box of chocolate, which I will get my hands on and a card.

I got to get out an ride after work yesterday! The sun is finally out long enough now to get a ride in. I rode down and out for 15 miles and then met up with Jim Britt and we rode with lights on the river for another 20 miles so I had 35 miles in by 7:30 last night. Been awhile since I've pulled that off after work! When I started it was 52 degrees. 2 hours later it was 42 and a cold 42. On my first down and back the deer where beginning to move around and when Jim and I rode back out the field had a dozen or so out under the full moon. Deer in the field at night are one of my favorites sights to see as long as the deer stay still. When they spook and start running, it's bad news.

I got an email for a guy up in WI asking me about rides around the Mt Home area. Come to find out they are racers and are opting to use Arkansas as training base this year rather than AZ. He said AZ has just gotten to crowded with traffic. What an honor to have someone from out of state ask me something like that. I put a lot of time into the email and gave him several resource links as well.

By the way, my ride last night rolled me over into the 600 mile mark for the year. Actually 611. There are several AR guys that log their miles where I do that have over 1K already.

Y'all have a happy Valentines Day!

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