Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Champs for Children

On of my favorite radio stations is camped out in our lobby doing the Champions for Children radiothon. B98.5 did this last year for us and it was talked about all year. They really go all out and they have parents and kids on there telling their stories. Sometimes you laugh and sometimes you cry ... and sometimes both. Thanks B98.5! We love you too!

Ok, I got out and rode after work yesterday and got in 15 miles. I planned to ride at lunch today but the wind is whipping and I was afraid that I would get over by I-430 and then coming back would be headwind and it would s-l-o-w me down. So I went to Burger King and got a kids meal. Hey, I'm cutting back remember? I really wanted a BK Big Fish biggest size combo meal!

Another note, today it's a windy 64 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be about 74 and windy then it's going to bottom out for the weekend. 3 days of freezing rain is forcasted. Oh man! We have Carve bike camp coming up for the weekend. I just hope it's not a bust.

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Lance Notstrong said...

LOL!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that orders the "kids meals" :-) I've had kids meals at Sonic, KFC, Subway, Whataburger, Burger King and just yesterday, Popeye's :-)