Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Moving House story

We were on our way to Florida and anyone who travels on 98 through Semme, AL knows it's a traffic nightmare on Saturday! All the folks heading into FL and all the folks leaving FL heading back to AR, OK, TN, MS, TX all go this way.

We had just rolled into Semme, which is just before you get to Mobile, and traffic stops. We are at the bottom of a small hill and you can't see what's on the other side. We notice several cars turning around at the top of the hill and coming back so I was preparing myself to sit a while. About 10 minutes pass and we see a police car coming over the hill and everyone is having to move off the run. What on earth is it? A race? The president? Nah man, it's a house! Yep. the busiest day of the year for that road with 4th of July travelers and everyone else and they block the road for a moving house.

Well, after we pass the house... actually, after the house passes us, we rolled on. We started counting the line of cars behind the house. Y'all ready for this??? 618 cars backed up and rolling at 5mph. Oh I bet there was some carrying on going on. Tired from the trip and ready to get home and it's sort of like a big flight delay. Just puts your panies in a wad!

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Wes said...

LOL. If you had read my pre-4th post, you would have known. Only in Alabama. I sucked in my breath in surprise, but it isn't the same house as the one that held me up :-) Hope you had a great vacation.