Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday 07.14.07

Nice to be back home. I always like walking into our house after being gone on a trip. You house how peoples homes how certain smells? Ours smells like some sort of candle. Not over powering but it's just a smell that signals "you're home!"

Sadie (the dog went completly nuts to see us as Emily, Sean and I were to see her! Got got all excited when she saw Em then the same with me then she spotted Sean, while she was out in the gargae thank goodness, and peed everywhere. It was funny. Sean seems to be her alpha male. He trained her a lot better than we did. I spoil the crud out of her and don't mind one bit! She protects Em and sleeps on her bed and Em is lost without her as we found out on vacation. This was the first time we had all gone away without her. Tyler stayed at the house and took care of her and thank goodness because we didn't want to put her in the kennel for the week. And it rained everyday so that wouldn't have taken her out to play which is 10 dollars more a day.

Yesp, we had sunny skies everyday while Little Rock had storms every day and boy could I tell it when I got home! The grass in the backyard grew a lot. I even found a wind chime out in the yard. It most have done some blowing too!

The beach was fun but I know I can't spend a week inland anymore. I have to stay on the beach or I'll just stay home. Just too much trouble to load and drive everytime. Some folks get up early and get going (me) and others take until 11 to do anything. I now know that Em can handle about 2 hours on the beach then she'll find some excuse to need to go back to the house. Sean kept getting a werid rash when he would go out in the water but he was a good sport about it and did he's best not to spoil the fun but you could tell it really bothered him. I finally called it on Thursday and we went inland for the afternoon. When you stay on the beach you can come and go as you wish. If we get to have the big family vacation next summer then we'll be right on the water.

I got up this morning and it was quite around the house. I made coffee and had bagel I bought yesterday at the Panera Bread in Spanish Fort. Someday maybe Little Rock will get one of those, and I'll be broke! We took Tyler's request and brought him back a bag full. He worked at Panera when he first went out to Denver for college. Now we are all hooked on them.

For the first time since the R2R ride I thought about going for a ride. I cleaned the bike up really good about mid morning and decided about 2 I would head out. Instead of the neighborhood I thought I'd go down to the river and see how the legs felts after a 2 week bike vacation. As I was heading over it began to rain, harder and harder. I keep it positive and told myself it was a pop up shower but it was raining at the bike trail and looks like it had been raining a while. Then I turned the corner to the parking lot I normally park in and whoa baby... everything is really flooded! There was a lane that went to the soccer fields but the bike trail was all underwater. Parts on down the way have been under for over a month now! All the rain from Oklahoma hits the Arkansas River plus all the local rain and that is a major over flow. I was really surprised it was that much. I'll be a week before it all goes back down then it will be slick mud for a few days and then stink of dried dead fish. I sighed and turned around and came back home.

Since I had me chores done I rent the Aztec Mel Gibson movie Apoli-something. I really liked it. Yes, it's hard to watch and it's bloody but it's good.

Also I got to see the Tour de France last night and the live stage this morning. Terri's folks have Dish so they don't get the VS channel. Today's stage was great! Love it love it love it!

Well enough blah blah blah... just catchin' ya up.

I'll try and ride somewhere tomorrow maybe.

Have a good weekend out there!


TriBoomer said...

Welcome back. By the way... I'm preparing to race in IM Wisconsin and will be asking for names to carry during the race again. Hope I can brigthen a day for the patience at your hosptial. They sure helped me get through IM Florida.

Stay tuned...

Wes said...

Welcome home, Geo! I've been watching the Tour as well. What a great show!!