Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday 07.07.07

Welcome to Florida!
I'm not sure what this looks like on a regular cable upload but I just loaded this with dial up.

We left LR at 3:30 and at 4:15 I turned on he windshield wipers. They stayed on until almost 8. We went through some real rain and I was none to happy when it was over. From outside of Vicksbg on was a nice drive. Lots of Arkies, and Texas folks heading that way.

We stopped in Hattiesburg and stayed over night. The Super 8 was recommended and it was fine, just basic. It worked for what we needed.

Left about 8 and headed on down. Got to Mobile and holy smoke! These guys were driving really fast! I got in a groupo and looked down to see us pushing a tad over 90 mph!!! Everyone was going that fast. (Note to Wes: Do y'all really drive like that?)

Spent the afternoon on the beach. Came back to the inlaws house and had shrimp and fish dinner. Now we are going back for the sunset.

The water was like swimming pool clear!

More later... you have to hear the "moving the house down the road" story...

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