Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You just thought you lost that lovin' feelin'

It clicked back in place tonight! I was out for a solo ride just returning to build base miles and I spotted friends along the way. Rode with a few then decided to climb Ft Roots. As I was climbing I thought to myself, "Man, when was the last time you were right here?" I thought for a moment and I think it was late May. I climbed on up and heard my name shouted. It was Paul Creel and the guys he rides with. Super nice folks. We all headed back down the hill together and they stopped at the skatepark for water bottle refills. We all rode together and it was awesome riding with these guys. It was pretty fast but it was fun. As we passed the golf course I saw Darrell and Robert and heard the words, "Tube". I told Paul and them I'd cover the flat and bidded them good evening. We got the flat fixed and just about the time we were about to roll again, Fast Girls came by. They were looking strong as usual. Got to talk a few moments with my bud JMar. He and his wife Allison are some of the nicest folks you'll ever met. I rode with Robert a few minutes then dropped off at my car and Robert rode on home to Maumelle.

When I stopped and loaded my bike I sat on the back of the SUV for a few moments. It was back. The feeling of having a good ride and having fun doing it. It wasn't my fastest or mega miles but it was just plain fun and that my friends was what got me started in the first place.

Keith called and left a message and asked if I was going to Tour de Oink on Saturday. Yes, it's the Great American Pig Out about an hour from here. Last year a tornado ripped through the community the night before the event and we rode through the mess at the end of the course. I plan to just go ride for fun. It's just a 40 miler but always was a fun little ride. It's gonna be a hot one too! Cooked bacon -- no doubt!! HA!!!

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Wes said...

A little forty miler? Ha!! Have fun! Eat some BBQ pulled pork for me :-)