Monday, August 27, 2007

Full moon Monday

I walked into my office today and was greeted by a very chipper co-worker who asked "Ohhhh, hellooo! How are you this morning!" This is usually done with back flips and cart wheels. I just stopped and gave her my best Red Forman (70's Show) look and said, "Ok, it's Monday, it's hot and there's a full moon. Ya need anymore information?" She just stood there looking at me like a wounded puppy then I busted out laughing. I told her I was fine and even invited her and another coworker to walk across the parking lot to get Java City. Life is good at the office but I have to mess with them!

Ok, weekend wrap up... here we go!

David and Mariann but did great in the KY Ironman on Sunday. Swim 2.6 miles, ride a bike 112 miles then run a marathon? They ain't got no sense! HA!

The crew are back from hell... well Hotter'n'Hell 100 in TX that is. All survived.

Still no rain.

Home ball team Arkansas Travlers took one in the belly from the Springfield Cardinals. 16 to zip. Not as bad as the whipping TX dished out last week to some poor soul less team but ...

Tyler had to work ALL weekend on a Wal Mart video project but he came by tonight and had dinner with us.

Would you believe I didn't ride all weekend? I was too busy doing other stuff. I'll go ride this weekend. Oh, I just realized it's a long weekend. Ithink maybe I'll go off for a long ride early Monday morning because there will be no traffic until about noon. Monday holidays are the best days for riding.

Here's my upcoming fall ride schedule.

Sept 8th is MS 150 - Pedal The Peaks (Petit Jean Mountain)

Sept 15th is a training ride for BDB 100.
Sept 29th is Big Dam Bridge 100.

Oct 6th is Medic One's Ride for a Better Life in Jonesboro. Fun ride and always very nice goodie bags! Whole group of riders that I've never met before. That's always cool! I get to hook up with my buddy Brandon once again. Might even stay at his and Hannahs house the night before.
Well that's all folks! Thanks for reading and hang out for a moment!


Wes said...

I'll be looking for a century ride to do after my marathon. Know of any good rides around here, Geo? LOL.

Yale said...

What about the 2nd half of R2R?