Saturday, August 25, 2007

Within inches of the house

Woke up at a dark 5:30 this morning and not sure why!

Had coffee and read more of a book that I started. Bob Franquiz "Elements". Good book. Inspirational. Revolutionary. Someone gave me that "Purpose Driven Life". Yeah yeah yeah but Elements... ding ding... the winner! Just the shot I needed.

I checked my email and one of the guys down in TX finished the HH100 in 4:47! Ok, take a century ride (100 miles) and divide it by 4:47! That's over 20mph average. Way to go JBar! I was surprised to find out several regulars I know didn't return to HH100 this year.

Note to Wes: Hope you did great at West Point Tri today!

*** Later note: I went to some other websites and came back by my own and cracked up! I forgot to say anyhting so the title of he blog would make sense. IT RAINED just inches from the house. Dark clouds, wind blowing and Weather Channel showing a red and orange blob heading right toward us. Nah, it turned to green then light blue then nothing. Awww come on!

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Wes said...

Thanks Geo! That is a super speedy Century! I'm going to look for one around here. I don't think I'll be comfortable just training for "running" LOL.