Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just plain ole hot

It's just plain ole hot! I ate lunch in the lounge at 11 and the Weather Channel was on... temp was 98 degrees. When I started to leave and go back up to my office at noon it was 102.

I'm going to work in my boxers tomorrow. So what if they laugh. This long sleeves and jacket business get up is for the birds.... HA!

Make it a fun day!


TriBoomer said...

You're right about it being hot. My car reported the ground temperature to be 104. That was just before I jumped on my bike for a two hour ride... ugh. If sweating like a pig were cool, I'd be Miles Davis. Ha!

Stay tuned...

Wes said...

Don't forget to wear a nice pair of black socks and your loafers :-) Oh, and a tie!