Saturday, August 11, 2007

I wished I owned the bike store!

Holy molely batman --- you see all those bikes this morning? No kidding! There were bikes everywhere and we are supposed to have the hottest day of the year today. I spotted the Hotter'n'Hell training ride. I spotted the Ironman training group. I spotted 1/2 dozen running friends. Spotted Solo Kyle, awesome cyclist from church but always rides solo. I spotted a million other riders out enjoying the river trail. I'm serious folks, there were a lot of bikes this morning!

I woke early and had a good cereal breakfast and headed out the door about an hour later. The temp was really nice (upper 70's) and I was feeling the love this morning! As I rode down North Hills Blvd there were very few cars. Even though NHills is wide it's still nice to have car-less. I noticed there was a lot of glass along the sides of the road. Fingers crossed for no flat today but I did see a couple of folks changing tubes along the river.

So I rounded the corner and into one of the parking lots and oh man, cars and trucks everywhere! Packed! I was just stinkin' awesome. Now that Kincannondale over in OK finally turned the water off and the Arkansas River finally went down along with the Big Dam Bridge (BDB) open the bikes were out! I rode up and down a couple of times then had to remind myself that I did have to ride home and it was mostly up hill for several miles and the temp was climbing... but I was having a good time!

I spotted Solo Kyle leaving and tucked in behind his Pathfinder and waited for hi to look up. Of course when he spotted me drafting he puts on the brakes. HA! We yapped a second while rolling along then he gunned it -- no way bubba, I have to ride home, not drive in air conditioned high end SUV. HA!

I then spotted some of the Ironman group and others coming in off the farmlands. Got to talk to Robb for a few moments and got to see Skinny Yale for a second (there was a truck behind him--- bummer). Seeing them really makes me miss them all really bad. Fast Girls Slow Guys were also having a yard sell today for the MS150. I hope to go up and ride the Saturday part of the ride with them like I did last year. Fun ride, good friends, and a lot of laughter!

Well I rolled into the driveway and parked my tail on the front porch swing and looked out over the valley and sudenly found myself dripping in sweat. Like the flood gates opened. I finished off my water and GU-2-Oh and just enjoyed cooling down!

How fast did I average? I dunno.
How far did I ride? I dunno.
I have turned the bike computer off and told myself to just go enjoy your ride... so I did!

Have an awesome weekend friends!

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Wes said...

That is, indeed, a nice way to ride!