Sunday, August 19, 2007

A tropical storm next door and still no rain

It came ashore last week in south TX and dumped the rain. Now it's in OK and they are getting tons of rain but it's going north. We are so close to rain but nada. We are getting the wind. There's a nice 15 mph breeze blowing out there today.

Last week I got bit on the arm by something and it formed a white looking blister. Nothing serious but the other night I went outside to the side of the house, in the dark to turn off the sprinklers and something bit me and it hurt! I noticed my little toe where the bite was looked swollen and red. This morning I had one of those weird blisters on my toe. Whatever it is, is a pest!

I woke up too late to get down to watch the half Ironman yesterday so I rode a little along the river, watched an Easter Seals 5K race then spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing the garage. I had let a lot of things go around the house and so i decided it was time to get back into the handyman mode. Terri and I also bought a freezer after diiner Friday night and I needed to make room for that. It was funny some of the memories I had going through stuff out there. I had cans and cans of old paint. There was the half full can of light "baby" blue that Emily just had to have her room painted in. There were several sample cans of various cream colors that we had to paint sections of the wall to see which one it was going to be. I found a can of old house trim that was really ugly. I was scratching my head, thinking, did I really have a house color like that? Funny house style and colors change through out the years.

I have to finish getting some stuff out of the garage this afternoon so we can put both cars back in. We ate at Fridays after church and while we were there this lady who had been sitting at the big table of seniors across from us had gone to the restroom and slipped and fall on the way. Several of her friends got up to go see when the waite came and told the table. Terri leaned over to see if it was outside and BANG! See didn't relaize the glass was right there because it was double pane and looked like it was further away than it was. We all laughed and laughed.

Well time to get back outside and inishe the job and maybe get a ride in at sunset this afternoon.


Melissa said...

We are FINALLY getting some rain. Nothing like what is happening at the Cardinal game right now though!

Emily said...

If i did donuts my car would blow up! :)

Anytime about the staying out of