Monday, August 20, 2007

It broke!!!

Yeah-izzzz!!! It broke! Finally! I was hoping it would break soon. The heat wave broke for the day. It was cloudy today but still no rain. I hear it's gushy at the St Louis Card's game right now.

I got home from work and couldn't wait to go play on the bike for the afternoon. I headed down to the river and really enjoyed the ride. I had the I-Tunes cranked and rocking. Don't give me lip about wearing tunes while riding. Some folks freak out about it but it's usually the same folks that don't realize they just ran the red light while their blabbing on their cell phones. HA!

The ride was fun and fast. I rode both sides of the river and spotted a few friends. Ironman David was out doing a run and Paul C was out with a group. He was pulling when I saw him. Go Paul!

As I was coming back to the north side I was climbing the BDB (Big dam bridge --- yes, it's really called that!) and a dad was pulling his little guy in a bike trailer. Dad was getting on up the bridge and looked back and saw me. I shouted, "No prob!" But dad jumps and dances on those pedals and up they went. When we got to the top I laughed and told the little guy in the trailer if he knew his daddy was a superhero? The dad just laughed. Good times!

I still like the shirt Keith Hill had on when we went to HH100 last year... "I'm a Superhero but without power or motivation." It's something like that.

I did a little marketing piece today for a church sock drive for the homeless guys. It's a photo of a sock with toes sticking through and the title was "Holy, holy, holy." I'm trying to get more into the "marketing" part of church with stuff like that. We have the Roast 'n' Ride coming up in Oct and we'll be pulling out some stops for the short youth devo we'll do. Let's just say, it'll be cutting edge for sure! Can't wait to see the kids faces. It's gonna rock!

I'm outta here...

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Wes said...

Keep the cool weather comin Geo :-)