Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of the year thoughts and ponders

I woke this morning to a steady rain, a cup of coffee, and a stack of new magazines. There are 2 types of perfect Saturday mornings. The type I have today which makes me relax and enjoy the moment and the kind we usually have in late April and May. With fresh dark green leaves and temps just warm enough to head out and enjoy a day on the bike or play in the yard. We'll get to #2 soon enough.

One of the gifts I gave Terri was to have interior designer Terry Williams over to the house. Yes, this is the same Terry as in Terry and Janice that we went to their house for a Christmas party. Now watch close because there is Terri with an "i" which is my Terri and there is Terry with a "y" which is designer keep up here. HA! I gave Terri a gift certificate where Terry will come over and do the consult and work with some of the stuff we have and then we'll work a plan for the rest of the house. We walked around Home Depot last night (yes, that's what old folks do on Friday night dates after eating out! HA!) and ooh and ahh at stuff. I think this is going to be a lot of fun watching the house transform into what we dream it would be someday. We are still trying to get over Terry's house. It was sensory overload! Stay tuned for more of those stories.

So the year end ponders and thoughts...
It has been a good year. We are all healthy, work is good and finances in good shape. I have a lot to be thankful for, I really do. I figured I would just put my year in stuff into a best and worst catagory and make it simple.

Best of the year:
Ok maybe it's not that simple... These are not in any type order.
1) Tyler graduating college, moving back to Ark and landing a great job.
2) Neices having healthy babies
3) Terri and I celebrating 25 years of marriage
4) Riding around 4,000 miles on my bicycle. I stopped logging in August at 3600.
5) Riding "epic" rides such as
a) HH100 (Record temps in TX)
b) Tour de Rock (CARTI's ride)
c) MS75 (Yes, it's really MS150 but I just rode one day)
d) POP ride (Cheers to my bud Yale for sitting on the side of the road with me when I could go no more)
6) Em turned 16 and we don't have to drive her everywhere.
7) Our neighborhood from down the street buying the property next door and blocking the 17 garden home development! Thanks Frank!

Worst of the year:
1) The war (depressing isn't it?!) and my friends that are over there.
2) Blowing a tire on a corner and crashing but finishing the ride.
3) Watching Yale get sick on that same ride... but hey, he was a finisher that day under the worse conditions.
4) Missing the turn on HH100 and riding the 65 mile route. This may go under best and worst. HA!
5) Keith getting sick after HH100. That was spooky!
6) Matthews wreck. Now that gave me a tummy ache. But Hooter Morton is back and better than ever.
7) Not spending a week on the beach.

There are dozens of other hi/low moments but these seem to stand out the most.

The new year holds a lot of promise and excitment!
Yes, we will go to the beach in a condo for a week this year. Yes, the kids will all tag along with boyfriends and girlfriends in tow (Geo rolling his eyes).

I will be riding the River 2 River endurance ride in May

I will lose 13 more lbs by Jan 29th

I will go and be involved in church more.

Yes, I will get my office organized better.

No, the bicycle will not play a major role in my life after May 24th. Oh, I'll still be out there every chance I get but I won't get bummed out if I can't make a certain ride. But I'll train like a crazy man until May 24th (yes, Terri is behind me on this).

Yes, I will rip out those bushes in front of the house and make new plantings.

Yes, I will get the backyard back in shape. It used to be really nice but I just got by the past 3 summers. I miss "playing in the yard".

No, I won't complain as much this year. Doesn't really serve a purpose anyway. Bad vibes.

To all of you that read this mess... have a happy, safe and fun New Year!


Wes said...

Happy New Year, George! I didn't realize you were already such an epic rider!

George "Geo" Cobb said...

Thanks Iron Wes but I'm not an epic guy. I ride with a lot of epic riders though! Does that count?!